FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

What can I get (you)?
A pizza with pineapple, please.

Where are those funny accents from?
Argentineans say that Tomás talks like a Chilean, and Chileans say that he talks like an Argentinean. For the record, he's Chilean, but it seems that his accent got stuck somewhere in the middle of the Andes mountains. Lucas, well, he is the one who ordered a pizza with pineapple; so of course, he is from Brazil.

How long have you guys been working together?
We met 7 years ago working for Ogilvy Argentina, a couple of years later we moved to BBDO, and finally made our way to Madre Buenos Aires (the Argentine office of Mother). In all these years we've had the chance to work for great brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, YPF, Quilmes and TED among others. 

Has their work been recognized?
Even though they do have the classic list of awards, they are not obsessed with them. They prefer the kind of recognition they find scrolling through tweets and comments and realizing that their work has become part of the conversation. 

What are you guys doing this weekend?
Tomás loves drawing and making these little animations, also he spent some time as a teacher in the Escuela Superior de Creativos Publicitarios. Lucas, on the other hand, tired of playing video games, decided to sit on the other side of the screen and started programming them instead.

Can I have your ICQ number?
This is an old one, but Lucas never forgot it: 119209352.
But if any other questions come up, feel free to drop them a line:
Tomás Gianelli: Linkedintgianelli@gmail.com  |  Lucas Antunes: Linkedinlucasantunes2@gmail.com